Taajuusvarjostin is a recording studio based in Helsinki, Finland. Since 2011 plenty of albums, singles and demos have been produced inside this cozy, inspiring studio. We are not restricted to music production only. We also offer our services for film and other audiovisual productions. We have done sound design, post production and voice over recording for TV series, commercials and B2B videos. Before starting Taajuusvarjostin we had acquired years of experience in different fields of audio.

What's up?

Who we are

  • Mikko Räihälä
    p. 040 5840192

    A hipster who takes the business seriously while maintaining playful and laid-back attitude. A guitarist for a Finnish art rock band Jeavestone. Besides guitar he handles bunch of other instruments and singing. Experienced as a sound designer for theatre, short movies, B2B movies as well as post production engineer for the TV. Graduated from the media design department of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.

  • Arto Nevalainen
    p. 0400 588718

    Arto has graduated from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences as a music producer. He has over fifteen years of  experience from pro audio and live music technology. Arto has started music recording and mixing as a hobby already in the last millennium. The hobby has since become a profession by experience and studying.  Arto plays bass guitar and upright bass as his main instruments.


Nilsiänkatu 10 A 4. kerros
00510 Helsinki