Are you looking for a studio for recording and mixing your music? Do you feel that your songs might benefit from the involvement of an external producer? Have you produced the beats but need a good place with pro equipment for tracking the rap vocals? Have you recorded your music at the summer cottage or rehearsal place but prefer having it mixed at a more critical acoustical environment with some exotic outboard gear and the latest softwares and plugins? This is the place for you.

We also provide our services for video- and other AV-productions. We have done post production for TV-series, commercials and business-to-business videos. Tons of voice over recordings have been done here too.

Rates including the engineer:

50€/h for less than 5 hours

45€/h for more than 5 hours

Music productions 250€/day(8hours)

3 days 700€

Lock-out 160€/day

The rates exclude the VAT, 24%.

Tell us what you need and we will make you an offer!


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