Control Room

Our 16m2 control room offers a carefully selected collection of gear for different purposes. A practical and convenient combination of analog and digital gear enables the creative use of the best parts of both worlds.

Kajaani UT-mix console offers 12 high quality vintage preamps and equalisers and enables the summing of 12 channels. We also have some unique and rare pieces of gear you won’t come across too often. Have a look at the gear list.

Due to the partly floating structure of the room and acoustic treatment the room is convenient to work in and the isolation between the rooms is decent.

Live Room

The live room(32m2) also has a partly floating structure. The decay of the room reverberation can be altered with the acoustic curtain. We often take advantage of the hallway by leaving the door open and recording the ambience from the lobby.

Vocal Booth

The vocal booth (3m2) has a fully floating structure offering very effective sound isolation. It has very dry acoustics making it perfect for voice-over and vocal recordings. A small drum kit will fit there too if you feel like funking seriously.

Other rooms

In addition to the workspaces we have a kitchen and a room for maintenance/repair/DIY-craziness.